Promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for the rules of play in the great game of ice hockey.

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Financial Summary

As one might expect, operating WYHA is an expensive proposition.  At its current size, the program takes in nearly $600,000 in tuition payments alone.  This money is used to fund all operations including ice rentals, league fees and clinics.  As most of you know, Wellesley Youth Hockey is governed by a nine member Board Of Directors, all of whom are volunteers.  All of the coaches, team managers and special project coordinators are also volunteering their time.  WYHA receives no funding from the Town of Wellesley and pays up to $350 per hour for ice time at the various arenas we use.
Our largest expense by far is the practice ice time rental.  In a normal year, 50% of tuition money is used to purchase ice time at Babson, St. Sebastian’s, Dexter, Rivers, Fessenden, and Milton Academy arenas.  Every year these hourly rates rise and every year we look for more available time.  Our second largest expense is league fees, which are usually 25% to 30% of yearly tuition.  Our teams are in the Valley Hockey League, the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls League, the Mass Tier II Development League and the Mite Cross Ice League at Fessenden I Newton.  Our third largest expenditure is for uniforms, usually about 10% of tuition.  If one combines player development clinics and professional services (outside coaches, etc…) that would comprise nearly another 10%.  Administrative costs are generally about 10% of the total including MassHockey registrations, USA Hockey registrations, stipends paid to our scheduler, webmaster and registrar, coaching clinic reimbursements, insurance policies, an occasional charitable contribution and other miscellaneous items.
WYHA is extremely fortunate to have very loyal families who contribute time, effort and money to the program.  Thanks to all of you, WYHA is in very solid financial condition.  Should you have other questions regarding how the program is operated please contact the Board President.