Promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for the rules of play in the great game of ice hockey.

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Many Hands Make For Light Work!

There are always job opportunities in WYHA!

The Wellesley Youth Hockey Association thrives primarily through the volunteer efforts of the members of our various programs.  We have a number of events and projects during the year where we need your time.  Some of the areas where volunteers are needed include:

WYHA Wellesley Weekend Parade Float

Winter Face-Off Fundraiser

Team Managers

League and Mass Hockey Representatives 

WYHA Volunteer Coordinator


We will need a number of volunteers to undertake these tasks.  Some of these opportunities are one-time events, while others run throughout the season.  If you are interested in becoming involved with any of these functions, please contact the Board President, see contacts tab for info, to get a better sense of what is involved.  The sooner we are able to fill some of these functions, the better the program will run.  So please, get involved and help keep our program strong.