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WYHA Ice Policy

Usage of Ice

There shall be no players allowed on a sheet of ice rented by WYHA without the presence of a patched coach.  If a practice has been canceled by a coach of the team scheduled to occupy that ice, no players of that team should set foot on to that ice, unless prior arrangements have been made by the canceling team coach.  If there are any questions as to who shall use canceled practice or previously scheduled sheets of ice please contact the WYHA Scheduler at .  (see also contacts page.)   Permission must be secured by an association member wishing to use cancelled or non-scheduled ice.

Practice Time Changes

Practice ice time for all WYHA teams is scheduled via the website.  Any changes to practice times, must be coordinated by the Scheduler so that the appopriate team members may be notified. 

Scheduling of Playdown Games on WYHA Ice

Playdown games as the preliminary rounds of a state tournament are frequently scheduled on very short notice.  It is the policy of WYHA to make ice available on a best efforts basis.   Since weeknight ice at Babson Skating Center is at a premium, it is suggested that playdown games be scheduled on weekends or at alternate locations.  All requests for ice must be directed to the WYHA Scheduler and can not be confirmed except by the Scheduler. Arrangements for a timekeeper must be made with by the WYHA coach, a list of members with experience running the time clock is available to coaches.

Scheduling of Make-Up Games

Every attempt should be made to either play a game when scheduled by a league, or to notify the league long before any tournament that a team will not be available for league play.  Coaches must make themselves aware of the cancellation poilicy and requirements of the league in which they play. Financial penalties that result from not following specific league rules for rescheduling and/or cancellation will be the responsibility of the coach who failed to comply. However, since weather or ice availability is beyond the control of our program, make-up games are a fact of life.  It is the policy of WYHA to make ice available on a best efforts basis.  All requests for ice must go through the WYHA Scheduler and should not be made without the scheduler's knowledge. PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL ICE UNDER CONTRACT BY WYHA IS AVAILABLE FOR GAMES, SOME RINKS ABSOLUTLEY FORBID GAMES TO BE PLAYED ON "PRACTICE ICE". THERE ARE IMPORTANT INSURANCE AND CONTRACT ISSUES INVOLVED SO ALL REQUESTS MUST GO THROUGH THE SCHEDULER.  Also the league for which this game is a make-up may have specific rules regarding reimbursement for Ice time, Referees, Timekeepers.  Arrangements for a timekeeper must be made once a time for the make-up game has been established.  Also, an official game sheet must be obtained in advance of the game.