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The following is a comprehensive list of duties that a team manager may be requested to handle.  Actual duties will vary from this based on the preference of your teams’ coach.  Some coaches request very little collaboration while others willingly accept any assistance offered.

An organized team manager can make for a great year for coaches, players, and parents.  Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

When you first login, you will see the online ‘Team Manager’s Manual’. This documentation is designed to make it easier for you to use the different features associated with our website.  This video will demonstrate how to Add or Edit a team bulletin, Edit game results, Upload a document, and upload photos.  You can also access these functions by clicking on the ‘Administrater’ tab on the top right corner of your screen.  This will bring you to a multi-colored checkerboard of administrative functions.  When you are logged in as a Team Manager, you will only have specific rights.  These rights are highlighted on the multi-colored checkerboard of administrative functions.

As a team manager, please make sure your team families are comfortable navigating the website especially the homepage, team schedule, teams bulletins, exchange (lost and found), and updating their member profiles.  Suggest that members set their profile for game/practice reminders.

To view the team's roster, enter email address and personal password in the top right corner of the WYHA homepage.  If password is forgotten, log into ‘Edit My Account’ from the left vertical tabs on the homepage, and follow the instructions to change password.
Adiminstrative Functions:
Messaging: Team Bulletins- Post message to your team page that you may have emailed as well.  This info can be retained for several days to months.  This is very helpful for detailing tournament plans, etc.  Also, one can send an email broadcast from this option.  Team emails can also be created from the Roster page; at the top- click on ‘email the team’.  If you are emailing or posting a bulletin that is lengthy or contains very important info, it is recommended that you create a document in word, then cut/paste into a bulletin/email.
Scheduling: Add Team Events- Post an event, such as a team pizza party, to the team calendar.  WYAH Scheduler does not see these events within the master schedule function so please alert her to avoid conflicts.  Also post tentative tournament weekend dates here until the actual tournament schedule is available.  Send final schedule to scheduler so that game times my be posted to the team calendar, as this will also allow for game results to be updated.
Teams: Enter Game Results- All MYCGL game results must be posted on this page shortly after the game is completed.  It is helpful if the manager is also responsible for collecting the team’s copy of the official score sheet following the game as this aids accurate reporting.  Our results automatically update the MYCGL website (not applicable for teams playing in the VHL).  It is important to enter timely results for parity rounds during the fall and determining ranking for league playoffs in March. 
Teams playing in the Valley League, VHL Site Directors are responsible for posting game results on the VHL website and maintaining the standings.  WYHA Coaches and team managers are not involved in this process.  It is at the discretion of each team as to whether or not to post game scores to the WYHA website even though standings are not reflected on the WYHA website.
Pictures: Add Pictures- kids like to see their pictures on the bulletins page.  Upload from your computer to the team bulletins page.
Exchange (Lost and Found):  Add lost or found item to this page.  Recommended that an email also be sent to your team regarding item.  If an item is found that may belong to a player from another team, please email your webmaster to have an email blast sent to all WYHA teams.
Support: Manager’s Manual – View the Team Managers Manual for instructions on team manager related website functions.
The following forms can be found on the WYHA Coaches Corner webpage.  To access the Coaches Corner, go to the WYHA homepage and click on the ‘Hey Coach’ tab from the left vertical menu tabs.
USA Hockey Consent To Treat Form:
USA Hockey is now recommending that all teams have their players fill out a 'Consent to Treat' form.  Click on  'USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form' from the Coaches Corner webpage.  Please collect these completed forms from your team, place them in a binder and take it with you to every practice/game.
Ma Hockey Travel Permit:
Mass Hockey Travel Permit is required when traveling outside of Massachusetts for tournament games.  Click on ‘Ma Hockey Travel Permit’ from the Coaches Corner webpage. Note: There's no fee for a travel permit. However, approval of a travel permit application is dependent on the district having signed rosters for that team. So, if there are any teams doing an out of state tournament early in the season then they need to do their rosters before then.
Non-website Related Duties:
Overall Communication – Keep team informed of all relevant information.  Pass along messages from the coach.  Compile vacation plans and communicate to coaches.  Respond to various requests for specific information.  

Uniforms – Work with the WYHA Jersey Coordinator to facilitate the distribution of hockey socks and jerseys to team members ensuring that all players have unique numbers.

Signed USA Hockey Rosters and Print Score Sheet Labels- the WYHA Registrar must have signed USA Hockey Rosters from all teams at the start of every season.  Together with the coach, review roster for accuracy, gather signatures of all coaches and players on the original documents and return to the WYHA Registrar by the date specified.  Print score sheet labels for games,per instructions from the Registrar’s email sent to all team managers, and give supply to coach.

Arrangements for Tournaments – May be asked to assist the coach in making arrangements for tournaments entered by your team.  Usual tasks included completing paperwork, collecting each team member’s share of the tournament fee, notifying WYHA Scheduler of game schedule, contacting league for game postponement during tournament dates, and submitting a USA Hockey travel permit (found on the 'Hey Coach' tab) to the District 3 Registrar , if necessary.

Face-Off Auction – Coordinate promoting the Face-Off event, or the creation of the team’s auction basket for this fundraiser, if requested.

Social Events – Coordinate end-of-season celebration.  May also look into other events, i.e., play periods at a college game, if the coach and parents are interested.

Playdown Games- Please go to the ‘Hey Coach’ tab on the WYHA homepage.  Updated Guidelines will be available once Playdown Meetings have occurred.  Work with your coach to ensure all steps are followed.
Game Cancellation/Game Swap- The Valley League Program Guide, containing information on game cancellations and swaps, is posted to the ‘Hey Coach’ tab on the WYHA homepage.  Check in with your coach regarding these procedures. 
MYCGL games can often be rescheduled with enough notice.  Posted to the “Hey Coach’ tab is MYCGL Info including Guidelines for rescheduling games.

The 'Hey Coach' tab on the WYHA homepage vertical menu tabs is a great resource for Coaches and Team Managers.  Please refer here for valuable information throughout the season.  Another great resource is your Coach and other team managers as well as your WYHA Webmaster, Registrar and Scheduler. 
Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have.



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