Promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for the rules of play in the great game of ice hockey.

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WYHA is keenly aware of the many options available for all players and that some players are playing in more than one program.   Some programs can work in tandem with WYHA while other programs will create constant and significant conflicts.  WYHA wants to reiterate that playing on a travel team is a commitment and that a missed practice, skills session, or game not only affects your child, but all the other players and coaches.

WYHA Practices and Skills
Practices, skills, and scrimmages are between 1-3 times per week.  Rink locations include: Babson, Dedham, Nonantum, St. Sebastian’s, Rivers, Dexter, Fessenden, and Milton Academy.

League Games
GBYHL and the MYGHL teams play 25 - 35 games during the season around the Greater Boston area, and towns along the Route 128 belt.

Travel Teams generally play in 1 - 2 tournaments during the season (in and out of state competition) plus State Tournament Playdown games.  These games are team sponsored and at the discretion of the team coaches.

MASS Hockey / WYHA Guidelines: WYHA comes First
According to the Mass Hockey Guidebook, all hometown games, practices and tournaments come first when conflicts occur between the Hometown Program and Select Program (exception noted in Guidebook).  This policy also applies to all conflicts between WYHA and all other Youth Hockey Leagues / Clubs, including, but not limited to NEH, Metro, CDL and other privately organized teams. WYHA honors MIAA Guidelines and Philosophy.

IMPORTANT - PARENTS AND SKATERS: Please understand time and commitment to WYHA Travel Teams. If practice time and commitments cannot be met, players will see limited or no ice time during games and scrimmages.  Coaches have the full support of the Board of Directors in this matter.

We are very excited about WYHA, which we believe will continue to improve as a program.

WYHA Board of Directors
April 2008