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WYHA Tuition Policy
WYHA's policy is that, absent extraordinary circumstances, all tuition payments are non–refundable as the payment, when made, is a commitment to accept a roster spot on a team.  As a not for profit organization, WYHA’s Board of Directors needs that commitment to finalize rosters for the 500 + players across the program that do play with WYHA.  Without firm commitments from all of our players, it is impossible to finalize the number players and teams, budget and procure ice time, commit to league fees, plan for appropriate clinics, recruit the appropriate number of coaches, set the initial schedule for September and October and generally manage the Program for the benefit of the participating players.
Some number of years ago, the Board adopted this policy as too many players were withdrawing between May 1st and September 1st or later, causing the wholesale changing of rosters and coaching assignments – in the end, the WYHA players and volunteers were suffering as a result.  This policy is integral to operating the Program for the benefit of the 500+ active WYHA players